Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Eligibility The candidates who look forward to become an AME have to comply following eligibility criteria:-

Candidate must passed 10+2 PCM from any recognized board or university or its equivalent or AICTE approved 3 years engineering diploma in any stream or any higher qualification in science with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics .

The applicant should not have colour blindness and should have been assessed medically fit by a registered medical practitioner to perform the scope of work applied for.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Duration Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course duration which are as follows:-

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course is a licensing Training program, to become eligible for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license holder as per The Aircraft Rules 1937, Rule 61 and Civil Aviation Requirement(CAR-66).

AME Course

The candidates have to go for Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering training program form any CAR-147 Basic Training Organization approved by DGCA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. After Completion of Basic Training, candidate have to go for practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft from any DGCA approved CAR-145 organization as per CAR-66. During this candidate have to pass all the AME module examination as per their stream and chosen category of licensing (conducted by CEO-DGCA, Govt. of India). After acquiring the practical experience and passing all the modules examinations, Candidates will be eligible to undergo CAR-147 (type training program) with S-OJT(Structural On Job Training) to get the AME license in their respective category from DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India. OR

AME Course

program with S-OJT (Structural On Job Training) to getthe AME license in their respective category from DGCA Ministry of Civil Aviation,

Govt. of India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Streams Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course has limited and defined streams. It comprises of only 2 streams

Mechanical Stream: The syllabus related to the study of engine, airframe and Components of aircraft. It's comprises License Category

Aand Category B1 & B3. Further Itis classified into four Sub categories: - ¢ 1 &B1.1: Aeroplane fitted with turbine engine. ¢ A2&B1.2: Aeroplane fitted with piston engine.

¢ A3 & B1.3Helicopter fitted with turbine engine. * A4 & B1.4Helicopter fitted with piston engine. Avionics Stream:The syllabus related to the study of Aircraft instruments, Electrical and Radio& Navigation systems of aircrafts. It's related license category is Cat. B2.

AME Course